The Eyes of Christ


Excerpts adapted from Fr. Larry Gillick, S. J. reflection on July 10, 2010 readings

The eye is said to be the window to the soul and many 'things' can be seen therein.

Prayer helps us to examine our lives and to see God through our soul’s window ... our own eyes.

We have to go eye-to-eye with ourselves to open that window so that we  will be peaceful when experiencing God’s love.

As we prepare ourselves for this day, for the Eucharist, for this retreat, .... we should check our eyes for clarity and perception.

We might find that we do not appreciate some folk’s looking too deeply through our soul’s window.

Maybe we are too scared to open ourselves up ... to others ... or even to God .

As you look into other people’s eyes, what do you see ?

Now, ... when you look into another person's eyes... with "the Eyes of Christ" ... what do you see?

[share what you think the difference is between seeing others with your own eyes and with the eyes of Christ]


The more we know and learn about God this weekend, and in life in general, the more we will understand what it means to look at life and others with "the Eyes of Christ".