Faith Walk

(updated 5/16/2010)

Faith Walk Outline
Transcribed Jan. 21, 2008

For preparation of all Faith Walk leaders
By Erik Pereira -

All faith walk leader should read this outline and be familiar with it BEFORE starting their talk.  Which means this should be given to them no later than Saturday morning.  Remember this is just a guideline to a well-rounded talk.  You may add or subtract what you like, but as a Faith Walk leader it is your duty to help guide the Candidates in opening their hearts and minds to understand to let go of their misfortunes, dears, and sins, and receive the healing love of God present at T.C. Also that, God forgives and we should forgive those who have hurt us.

Find a comfortable place for you group to sit at (preferably on a nice patch of grass, in the shade, etc).

Let’s Congregate!
Leaders, have your group form a circle and begin with an opening prayer.  Then you should introduce yourselves in the “recollection way”.  Calm you group down and tell them that you and them will talk and get to know each other better.  Inform the candidates that you will ask a series of questions that everyone will answer, including yourself.  Remind the candidates that everything said in the circle stays in the circle.  It is all confidential. 


Opening Their Hearts and Minds

- How are we doing?
Start by asking what they think of the retreat so far.
“What do you like/dislike about the retreat so far?”
“Do you have any questions about the retreat/talks so far?”
Let them know that the retreat only gets better and better.

- How deep is their faith?
Ask these series of questions about faith (remember, everyone answers, and there are no wrong answers):
“How important is God to you?”
“Where do you see God in your life?”
“Where are you in relation to God?”
“Do you want to get closer?”
“How is your relationship with God?”
“Is there anything in particular that is keeping you from getting closer to God?”

- How is it at home?
Ask these series of questions about their household:
“How is everything at home?”
“Do you get along with your parents/guardians?”
“Do you get along with your siblings?”
“Do you get along with your relatives/extended family members?”
”Do you wish you could get closer to your family members?”

- What would you ask them?

Ask these series of questions where the question had to be answered by the person asked:

If you could ask God any question, what would you ask and why?

If you could ask a family member any questions, what would you ask and why?

Same question for a friend, relative, offender, or just about anyone.


- Forgive and Forget

Ask these series of questions about forgiving (by this time most may have already talked about someone they wish they could forgive and need forgiveness from, so these questions may be simple to answer):

“Do you want to forgive those who have offended you?”
“Do you wish you could be forgiven?”


- Here Is Your Chance!

Let them know that Total Commitment (T.C.) is approaching and it is their chance to get closer to God and to put their faith in Jesus Christ.  It is their time to forgive those who have hurt them or are currently hurting them.  They need to go into T.C.with an open mind and heart and to allow Jesus’ love inside.  They can leave all their transgressions, fears, and sins with Jesus on the altar, because that is why He died.  Thank you, Jesus!
Ask if they have any questions that need answering.

If any extra time you can give an experience you had at Rec, and or T.C.


End with a closing prayer.  Invoke the Holy Spirit to come and open the hearts and minds of the candidates so that they will accept Jesus Christ.  Pray the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.  Wait for the Director’s bell to ring and lead them back to the Conference Room.