Fruits of the Holy Spirit

(updated 5/4/2010)

The gifts of the Holy Spirit work in us to bear fruit. The twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit are :

charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control, chastity

(Gal 5: 22-23).

Charity (Love)-  All-embracing relationship with God and neighbor.  Love is not a feeling but an unconditional commitment to do what is right and true for God and neighbor.   1 Cor 13: 4-8  

Joy – Joy is more than happiness.  Happiness is an emotion that changes.  Supernatural joy is a state of mind that is unconditional.  It is a Spirit-given expression that flourishes best in hard times. 
1 Thess 1:6 The Thessalonians were under great stress due to persecution; yet in the midst of it all, they continued to experience great joy. 

Peace – Peace is a tranquil state of rest that comes from seeking God.  The opposite is chaos. 
John 14:27 Peace that the world cannot give. 

Patience – The capacity to bear difficult circumstances with faith, hope, and love.  Heb 10:36

Kindness – Kindness is acting for the good of people regardless of what they do.   Rom 11:22; Eph 2:7; Titus 3:4

Goodness – The state or quality of being good.  General character recognized in quality of conduct.  
Rom 16:19; 1 Tim 1:5 ; 1 Pet 2:3

Generosity – Readiness to give in abundance.  2 Cor 8:2 ;  2 Cor 9:13

Gentleness – a disposition that is even-tempered, tranquil, balanced, unpretentious, and has passions under control.  Matt 11:29

Faithfulness – Loyal and steadfast following to what is right, good, and true, esp. towards God.    
Acts 11:23; John 21:15 -17

Modesty – Freedom from vanity, boastfulness; regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress; simplicity, moderation. 

1 Timothy 2:9; 1 Peter 3:3-4

Self-Control – Discretion; the ability to decide and act responsibly; ability to control one’s ‘desires’.
 Prov 2:11; 2 Peter 1:6

Chastity – Moral purity; purity of mind and body.  1 Cor 6:19 Body is temple of Holy Spirit;

Matt 5: 8 "Blessed are the pure at heart."



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