The Obedience of Faith

By Carlo Juanola 

What is 'The Obedience of faith?' The Obedience of Faith is the human response of submitting one’s intellect and will to God (CCC 143). It is an important theme in the bible because it demonstrates how we should model our relationship with God.  

The 'obedience of faith' can be seen in the lives of Abraham, Noah, Mary and Jesus Christ. They all faced hardships and sufferings in knowing what the Heavenly Father asked and expected of them. Abraham obeyed God when he was told to travel to a foreign land. Even more difficult was when God told him to offer his son as a sacrifice. Noah obeyed God when instructed to build an 'ark of salvation'. Mary obeyed God by her consent to conceive 'Our Lord' even though she didn't fully understand how. 

The greatest example of the 'obedience of faith' is the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In His humanity, Jesus experienced sufferring. Through His divinity, Jesus experienced suffering like none other.  

All of theses examples of faith impressed their mark in salvation history. They all demonstrate how one’s faith can overcome the selfish tendencies of one's human nature.    They all reveal how the obedience of faith express our love for God, and God's love for us. 



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